About the forum

Creating a Pakistan where all women & girls realize their right to quality health & well-being.

About Forum
About Forum For Safe Motherhood

The Forum for Women Development and Research – White Ribbon Alliance Pakistan Chapter is a movement powered by the people, driven by the passion to empower women, improve reproductive, maternal & new-born health, ensure women rights and champion gender equality. Our commitment is rooted in the belief that every woman and girl in Pakistan deserves not just good health but the right to a fulfilling life.

It is an assembly of over 300 individuals from various walks of life—public health professionals, active women and youth advocates, insightful parliamentarians, dedicated academics & researchers, influential religious leaders, and voices from the media—all converging on a single platform. This unique collaboration is dedicated to its goal focusing on citizen-led accountability, family planning, maternal well-being, maternal health and nutrition, respectful maternity care, addressing climate change, promoting gender equality, fostering social change, and ensuring the health of mothers and newborns.

This collaborative initiative embodies our overarching mission: a steadfast commitment to critical areas that collectively uplift sexual and reproductive health. Forum for Women Development and Research is not merely a forum; it is a neutral ground and a trusted partner that bridges the gap between government and civil society. Our approach to advocacy is transformative, blending meticulous research with the real voices of communities. We believe in direct engagement between policymakers and citizens, making change not just meaningful but lasting. The forum believes that citizens are not just observers; they are active participants. The forum is also identifies policy gaps and holds leaders accountable for effective women’s development initiatives.

Focus of our forum lies in a deep focus on sexual and reproductive health. We understand that gender inequality, the impact of climate change, and the absence of initiatives for women’s empowerment directly affect this crucial aspect of well-being. Our approach is multi-faceted, addressing these interconnected challenges to contribute to building a more inclusive, equitable, and healthier society. The Forum for Women Development and Research is more than a mere organization; it stands as a formidable force dedicated to tirelessly fostering positive transformations for women and girls globally


A Pakistan where every woman and girl enjoys the right to quality health and overall well-being. We strive for a society that values their diverse contributions and provides equal opportunities for education, economic empowerment, and social participation


To empower communities in fostering the holistic development and well-being of women, advocating for equal opportunities in health, economic empowerment and social participation

Focus Areas
  • Citizen-led Accountability
  • Family Planning
  • Maternal Anemia
  • Nutrition
  • Respectful Maternity Care
  • Climate Change
  • Gender equality
  • Social Change
  • Maternal and Newborn health
Our Values

EXCELLENCE: We strive to continually raise our programs to new levels of excellence through innovative approaches in conducting our business. We deploy novel applications of existing expertise and knowledge, new synergies with our partners, and inventive ways to meet project management challenges.

INTEGRITY: We demand the highest level of ethics. We grow our organisation based on interactions that promote mutual trust and respect with our partners.

VOLUNTEERISM: Volunteerism is the heart and soul of our organisation. We recognise and value the positive accomplishments that volunteers can achieve by working together. We believe that our programs positively impact volunteers as much as the youth and communities we serve.

LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND: Forum promotes a culture of value, respect, speaking up, raising awareness and educating all people irrespective of their origin, race, religious views, ethnicity, gender and circumstances.

Our Operational Approach

GOVERNMENT COLLABORATION: Governments are responsible for ensuring quality health services. We work in close collaboration with government to support ministries through capacity building and deploying technical staff.

PEOPLE-CENTERED: Forum aims to improve local communities’ self-reliance and participatory decision-making through the engagement of citizens and volunteers.

PARTNERSHIPS & NETWORKING: Our mantra is different people, same values, one goal. Forum believes in attaining our goals in collaboration with partners and building strong alliances. Our unique role in fostering linkages between different levels of policy makers, organisations and people sets the stage for long term relationship building.

EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE: Forum brings together public health experts, safe motherhood activists, researchers and representatives from the media. This collaboration serves to strengthen research efforts so that impact can be documented, published, and informs new and innovative interventions.

How We Create Change