Thirty-Five year old Nasreen is a resident of Bhikanr Village, Shikarpur District, Sindh province

Nasreen has five children, with oldest of eighteen years and youngest, six months old.

“With five children, it was becoming difficult to manage everyday expenses and also my health,” says Nasreen. “Working together with women of our community and encouraging them to practice improved health care, I also discussed it with my husband. We were the first couple in our community to adapt family planning and are very happy with our decision.

I feel that with better health, I will not only be able to take care of myself but also give better attention to my children. We will be able to plan our life and related matters in a much better way too. I think every woman should consider it and put their health above everything else.

My Ask from What Women Want campaign is that we should have a health facility nearby, so we can approach it easily – be it for advice or treatment.”

  • Story ByFatima Shahryar