“It has been seven years since I am working as a community resource person, in my village,”

Says Sanam, a resident of Shikarpur District, Pakistan. “My work has been primarily the same, as I have to go from one house to another and educate women of my community on maternal and child health.”

“Past year, I received a training from the Rural Support Programme Network, in which I learned about family planning and healthy birth spacing methods.

It was new information for the women of my community. Initially it was difficult to share detailed information as they were not ready to listen, but with time, as I answered their queries, they started coming to me for advice, one after another.”

“Soon after I conducted a campaign survey What Women Want and learned how there are so many asks, and so much that needs to be done to ensure quality health care for mothers and children. My ask from the campaign is to enable easy access to health care services, for every woman, everywhere.”

“I am playing my part to inform and reach as many women I can, but there are always some women left, who are deprived of health care and services that they deserve.”

  • Story ByFatima Shahryar