About White Ribbon Alliance

Creating a world where all women & girls realize their right to quality health & well-being.

About White Ribbon Alliance

White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) is a global movement of passionate advocates sparking action to advance reproductive, maternal and newborn health and rights. WRA is a locally led, globally connected grassroots movement advocating for the health and rights of women and newborns. The Alliance actively work in partnership with women, men, their families and communities, professionals and practitioners from diverse fields and all sectors of government and uses many approaches, all of which put citizens at the center.

White Ribbon Alliance has 15 fully affiliated National Alliances. It also works with partners in countries where there is not a National Alliance.

WRA National Alliances are autonomous networks that include individuals, local and international organizations, professional associations, government entities, youth and other community members, academic and health training institutions and donors. Each National Alliance determines its own areas of focus, structure and decision-making processes that are inclusive, participatory, transparent and consistent with the White Ribbon Alliance mission, vision and values.

WRA Model

Each WRA National Alliance begins as a grassroots movement of organisations and individuals who identify the unique systemic changes that need to be made to ensure that all girls and women can realise their right to quality health and well-being.

Made up of members, staff, volunteers and advocates at the national and global level, WRA operates with a shared vision, mission, values and strategy, with priorities set locally and championed globally.

WRA Structure

MEMBERS: WRA members include individuals, local organisations, health workers, policy makers, journalists and more. By coming together for a shared purpose they’re able to catalyse action on multiple levels.

NATIONAL SECRETARIAT: The Secretariat refers to staff or volunteers who convene and coordinate all Alliance activities. The composition of each Secretariat varies, but all operate as valued and recognised leaders.

NATIONAL ALLIANCES: Each National Alliance is a self-governing network of advocates and members that determine their issues and campaign priorities.

GOVERNING BOARDS: The governing bodies of the National Alliances and the Global Secretariat provide mission-based leadership and strategic oversight to ensure operational effectiveness and accountability.

NATIONAL ALLIANCE COUNCIL: The National Alliance Council is a peer-to-peer governing body comprised of five representatives from across the National Alliances and the Global Secretariat. Its main objectives are to oversee affiliation compliance and share best practices and lessons learned.

GLOBAL SECRETARIAT: The Global Secretariat consists of staff and volunteers who serve as a hub for the Global Alliance, offering technical support, advice and connections. They also lead on WRA’s global advocacy work.